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After a long interval we are back with a important and useful google chrome trick. We are going to share- How to manage and  view saved  passwords  in google chrome  browser. In this article we will learn Google chrome password management with step by step explanation. So if you are interested in viewing saved passwords of google chrome and want to manage it, then just follow this awesome google chrome trick. Many of us search for online password manager to manage passwords. Now no need to do that, we will tell you how to use google chrome password manager.

How to see Google chrome saved passwords 

If you want to see chrome saved passwords or you just forgot any of your chrome passwords, then don’t worry you can easily retrieve google saved passwords and also manage saved passwords. Inspite of viewing you can also delete chrome saved passwords in just one go.

View, delete, change Google chrome saved passwords

I have included a step by step guide where you can easily learn how to view, delete and modify google chrome passwords. So let’s get started!


Step by step guide to view Google chrome saved passwords


Step 1:-

First of all go to the google chrome settings or you can go directly by typing the Url :- “ chrome://settings ” without quota’s.


Step 2:-

Now scroll down the page and click on the ” Show advanced settings”.


google chrome password management


Step 3:-

Now go to the password and forms section and here you will see the option “Offer to save your web passwords”. If it is already checked mark then when you will login into your account google chrome web browser will offer you to save the password that yet not saved in the browser.


google chrome password management


Step 4:-

The other option as “Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click.”If you check mark this option then it will automatically fill the form option that you saved. You can manage the form fill details by click on the link as shown “Manage Autofill settings”


google chrome password management


Step 5:-

Now a pop up will open and here you will see your Autofill settings you can add, delete from here and after done the changes save the changes by click on ‘DONE’.

google chrome password management


Now when you want to add new address just click on “Add new street address..” now a popup will open and here insert your details and save it.


google chrome password management


Step 6:-

Now If you want to manage your password then just click on the link “Manage password”

google chrome password management


Step 7:-

Now a pop up will open and here you may manage your password.If you want to delete the saved password click on the cross button and if you want to show your saved password then click on show.


google chrome password management


You can also manage your saved password by click on link that shown in above image  “password.google.com” .

Now when you click on show button that shown in above image a popup will open and will ask you for your system password, simply type  your password then it will show your saved password.

google chrome password management


Step 8:-

Here you can also manage other account passwords on that you have clicked earlier for never saved the password option. And now you want to save their password then here from “never saved” section click on cross sign now it will again offer you to save the password.

Now if you want to access your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords and much more of your system to another system then you can simply do this by syncronising it with your google account.

google chrome password management

After syncronising you can manage Advanced sync settings  and manage your sync data on google dashboard.



Today we learned about How to manage and  view saved  passwords  in google chrome  browser or google chrome password management. Hope you like this trick. Share this article on Facebook  twitter and other social networking sites and do follow us more exciting Internet tricks.

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