How to enable the google chrome offline to open websites without internet

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Wish you a very happy new year. Today I  am back with a very useful internet trick or google chrome offline trick to open websites without internet or how to open  chrome offline.

Have you use open chrome offline trick earlier ?

If you don’t know about this chrome offline tricks then today you will learn about – how you can browse websites offline in google chrome or how you can open chrome offline. Do you think that you can open websites
without internet connection in google chrome?

Why use  google chrome offline?

When you have fast internet connection then you can open any websites easily and you can access
anything without any difficulties. But whenever you go to a place where is no internet connection available,
then you can use google chrome offline or you can browse websites without internet connection in
google chrome. So chrome offline is the solution of your problem when you have not internet
connection. Read on, to learn how to enable chrome offline or enable the offline browsing feature on
your google chrome to browse anytime and anywhere even you have no Internet connection.

Step by step guide of google chrome offline or guide to open websites without internet connection :-

Step 1:-

First of all open your google chrome web browser and then type “chrome://flags” in the Url
without quotas and then press Enter.

Chrome offline


Step 2:-

Now a window will open and it will show the warning as “These experimental features may change,
break, or disappear at any time. We make absolutely no guarantees about what may happen if you turn
one of these experiments on, and your browser may even spontaneously combust. Jokes aside, your
browser may delete all your data, or your security and privacy could be compromised in unexpected
ways. Any experiments you enable will be enabled for all users of this browser. Please proceed with
caution. Interested in cool new Chrome features? Try our beta channel at”

chrome offline


Now here search the option “Enable Show Saved Copy Button” and you may also search simply by press
“Ctrl+F” And type “enable show” in the search box and you will easily find this option.

chrome offline


Step 3:-

Now click on the dropdown box and choose the option “Enable: Primary”

chrome offline


Step 4:-

After selection of “Enable: Primary” a “RELAUNCH NOW” option will appear in below, simply click on
it. Now your chrome will restart automatically. So now you have successfully enabled chrome
offline. Now you can open the websites and search anything in the google chrome.


chrome offline


How to test chrome offline or open websites without internet connection :-

Now if you want to check that you can open websites without internet connection or not ? or Is your
chrome offline is successfully enable or not ? then you can check it. Simply follow the guide:

Step 1:-

First of all disconnect your internet connection.

Step 2:-

Now launch your chrome browser and open website that you have open after enable the chrome offline.
after open the website you will find this page.

chrome offline


Step 3:-

Now on this page click on the option “Show saved copy” and your website will open without internet
connection.Now you have successfully open websites without internet connection and you have
successfully enable the chrome offline.

chrome offline


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