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Turn off Alarm with your Voice

So are you among those, who press the snooze button instead of stop button while stopping your Phone’s alarm or vice-versa. Many of us experince this situation usually. So don’t you think, is there any application which turn off your android phone alarm using your voice?

Yes friends, there are many applications which makes it possible to stop alarm using voice. But here in this article, I will talk only about the best application to stop alarm using voice.


WakeVoice Trial alarm clock- best app to disable alarm from your voice

Yes, friends WakeVoice alarm clock is awesome application to turn off android phone alarm with voice. Configuration of WakeVoice is very easy. Just follow our step by step guide to learn how to disable alarm in android with your own voice. WakeVoice is Much more than a simple alarm clock, WakeVoice lets you interact with your phone using your voice. The idea behind this application is simple: when the alarm rings, you just have to talk to WakeVoice to stop the alarm or activate the reminder . It includes Customizable messages, weather of the day, news of your choice (RSS), radio and much more. WakeVoice is very fast and as soon as you say stop, alarm clock will stop. On the flip side, if you say snooze, then your phone alarm get automatically snoozed.


Step by Step guide to stop phone alarm with voice

Step 1:-

First of all download and install the app “WakeVoice Trial alarm clock” from play store. To download it directly, Click here 


Step 2:-

After downloading and installing the app in your android phone, open or launch it.


Step 3:-

Now click on the Add sign “+” to set up the alarm.

stop alarm with voice


Step 4:-

Now set your alarm time and turn on the ‘Activate speech synthesis’ and click ‘Done’.

stop alarm with voice


Step 5:-

Now click on setting icon at the upper right corner.

stop alarm with voice


Step 6:-

Now a pop up will open, just click on “Voice recognition” option.

stop alarm with voice


Step 7:-

Now again a pop up will open, here check mark the option ‘Voice keywords’

stop alarm with voice


Step 8:-

As you put check mark on ‘Voice keywords’ a pop up will open. It will advice you to use a simple one word command so that you can use it simply. Finally click on ‘OK’.

stop alarm with voice


Step 9:-

Now if you want to test your alarm then go to alarm and scroll down the page where you will see
the option ‘Alarm clock test’, just click on it.

stop alarm with voice


Step 10:-

Now you will see a google listener and test it with your voice, just say ‘STOP’ and your alarm will get

stop alarm with voice


Now you voice control alarm clock is ready to use. Now at morning when your alarm will ring, just say Stop to turn off the alarm and say snooze to snooze down the alarm for few minutes.



So we learned about, How to stop phone alarm clock with your voice. Hope you like the new way to stop alarm with your own voice command.

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