Hi friends, welcome back to the world of tricks and tutorials. Recently we had written many articles on Facebook tricks 2015. In addition to all that, today we are back with a quite useful facebook trick to view and delete Facebook search history permanently. Just follow the article and know the secret of viewing and erasing Facebook search history.


How to view Facebook search history?

Do you want to know, how to see Facebook search history? If yes, then this article is for you. If you already know the trick to view facebook search history then do read some other Facebook tricks mentioned below:


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If you’re interested in knowing the process of how to view Facebook search history, then simple follow our simple step by step trick.


How to delete or erase Facebook search history?

If you have done some creepy searches which may put you in trouble, then you have to erase this stuff before it get reached to others. One can’t always thinks good things, sometime mind got diverted and one can search for bad things like adult facebook groups, pages and other adult stuff. So if you’re among them, then you had need to know how to remove or erase Facebook search history. 

So today in our step by step guide will teach you how to get rid of creepy crazy & adult Facebook search history.
Let’s get started!

Step by Step Guide to See and Erase Facebook Search History 


Step 1:-

First of all Login to your Facebook account.


Step 2:-

Now click on drop down arrow at upper right side as shown in image and click on ‘Activity Log’


facebook search history clear


Step 3:-

Now here you will see all Activity Logs of your facebook account. For example what you had done like which group or pages you like, which things did you search and much more.


clear facebook search history


Step 4:-

Now at left sidebar you will see the option ‘MORE’, click on it.


clear facebook search history


Step 5:-

Now click on the option ‘Search’


clear facebook search history


Step 6:-

Now here you will see all searches that you had made on Facebook. Your all search including sent friend requests, accepted friend requests, searched names, and much more that you are searching on your Facebook account. Now if you want to clear your search history, click on the option “Clear Searches”.


clear facebook search history


Step 7:-

Now a pop up will open, click on ‘Clear Searches’.


clear facebook search history


Step 8:-

Now you will see that there is no any search history remains in the activity log. You had successfully cleared all your Facebook search history from Facebook account.


clear facebook search history



So we learned about How to  view and delete facebook search history. Hope you like it.

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