If your Facebook account matters a lot to you and you want to keep your Facebook account private from outside world. then the first step, you have to take is to clear up your online presence from search engines, specially from Google. You have to hide Facebook account from search engines to make your stuff private. 


Do you know, your FB account is indexed by Google and other search engines?

Yes, by default, search engines are allowed to index your facebook profile. So you have to manually disable it to discourage search engines to index your Facebook profile.. Today in this article we are going to share a way to disable and hide facebook profile from Google and other major search engines.


Is there any loss doing it?

When you are de-indexed from search engines, then no-one can find you. To being popular, you have to make your online presence good. To be in the top search results, it’s being a pleasure to me. So if you want your Facebook profile popular, you have to allow Google to index you. So if you are a open minded person and love doing things public, then this article is not for you. You may read other amazing tricks:


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How to hide facebook profile from google search

Step 1:-

First of all login to your facebook account.


Step 2:-

Now click on the dropdown arrow in upper rightside as shown in the image and click on the


facebook tricks


Step 3:-

A new page will open and here you will see the option ‘Privacy’ at the left sidebar. Simply click on it.


facebook tricks


Step 4:-

Now in privacy settings, you will see a option ‘Who can look me up?’ here the last option is- ‘Do you
want search engines outside of facebook to link to your profile?‘. By default it is set to yes, so if you want to disable it click on the option ‘Edit’.


facebook tricks



Step 5:-

Now you will see a check box that is already marked. when this setting is on, search engine like Google bing, yahoo etc may link to your profile in their results.


facebook tricks


Step 6:-

Now simply uncheck the box, a popup will open, simply click on ‘Turn Off’. Be sure before disabling it, because turning it off means that your friends may not be able to find your profile if they use a search engine outside of Facebook. As you turn off this setting, search engines will stop linking to your profile, but be calm, this may take some time, your profile can still be found if people search for your name. So wait for few days to de-index your Facebook account from Google.

facebook tricks
Now  close it. So finally. you have removed your Facebook profile from indexing on google search

Wait for couple of days, After that, if anyone will search your profile on Google, it will not be shown in search results.



So we learn about- How to clean up your online presence of facebook profile and hide Facebook profile from search engines. Hope you like it.

Do share this article on facebook and other social networking websites to to hide your Facebook ID from google and keep your stuff private and follow us more exciting facebook tricks.


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