Computers are to boon to human life. They make life easier and fill it with entertainment. It’s Era of Technology and life without computers is not seems possible. Every field whether it is science, medical, agriculture etc, computer is widely used and everyone want make computer faster.

We had published some very useful articles related to computer, this year. Some are being so popular like Top 10 Amazing Windows Run CommandsShutdown Your Computer From Mobilechange password of Windows without knowing the old one and much more.

Today we are going to share various methods to make computer faster and to solve the hanging problem in PC.


Is your computer speed is very low?


Is your computer hangs frequently?

Don’t worry, i will discuss quick ways to Speed Up a Slow Windows Computer for Free.

If you among those, who experiences slow speed and hanging problem in PC, don’t worry today we are here to give you the way to make computer/laptop runs faster. We will discuss all possible ways to speed up a slow computer. I assure you that after reading this article you are able to make computer faster and even you can make your old PC run faster.


How to make computer run faster?


Listen friends it’s a huge article, take a cup of tea and be the part of this long journey with me. If your Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7 hangs or freezes, then be calm, this article will Speed up your slow PC without buying new hardware.


What I am not going to discuss?

I will not going to give you some paid ways to make computer faster. I am not gonna discuss any paid software. Here today, I will only share free ways to make your pc or laptop run faster. I will discuss only how to Fix Computer hanging problems.


Is this article for me?

Now you are thinking which operationg system i am going to discuss. I will discuss only windows operating system. If you are not a windows user, then skip this article. Today i will solve out your all queries which you google it.

Some are as follows:

how to make computer faster windows 7
how to speed up computer
how to make computer faster windows xp
how to make internet faster
how to make computer faster for games
how to make computer faster windows 8
how to make computer faster windows 10

So don’t worry , i will solve out every query. so lets get started!


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Slow computer? 17 ways to make computer faster


After a lot of research i found 17 working proven ways to make a slow computer run faster. I will assure you that if your computer keeps hanging and making your life bad to worse, my guide will make it easy. This article will make your old PC work like a brand new computer. Whole article includes every possible way to speed up your PC and solve out the hanging problem of your computer.


1. Make computer faster by deleting temporary files

As you all know every program generates some temporary files, which are stored on your windows computer. IF you do not clean the temporary files then day by day it will make your laptop slow. So to clean or delete temporary files, just follow
mentioned steps:

Use shortcut Windows + R and Type temp and press enter.


Now all temporary files will open, select all and delete them.


Use shortcut Windows + R and type %temp% and press enter.


Select all files and delete them


2. Delete prefetch files and make computer fast.

Whenever you run any software program or application on your windows computer, then a prefetch file which contains information about the file loaded by the software is created by windows OS. Prefetch files are commonly used to optimize loading time of application. But the negative side of Prefetch files is that every time you run a new software, a prefetch file is created and so on with time thousands of prefetch files are created on your windows computer, which makes your pc run slower. So follow mentiond steps to clean prefetch files:

Use shortcut Windows + R and type prefetch and press enter.


Now all prefetch files will open, select all and delete them.

As soon as you delete the prefetch files you will see that there is improvement in the performance of your windows computer.


3 . A Special command to speedup your slow windows computer

Apart from temp, %temp%, prefetch there is a special command which will instantly boostup your computer speed. So just follow the steps and make your laptop get rid out of hanging problem.

Use shortcut Windows + R and type tree and press enter


You will see that a small windows will open in which structure of programs have shown. Now you will feel instant boostup in the speed of your computer.


4. Use ccleaner to boost PC speed within a minute or to make computer faster

Ccleaner is an excelent program to speed up your pc. I am personally using it from years and assure you, that your PC will work like a charm.

CCleaner (formerly Crap Cleaner), developed by Piriform, is a utility program used to
clean potentially unwanted files (including temporary internet files, where malicious
programs and code tend to reside) and invalid Windows Registry entries from a


How to use Ccleaner?

Just follow mentioned steps :

First of all download Ccleaner from here
After downloading, install it an open it.
Now you first have to Analyze all your temprary files, cookies, history, recent documents and much more by clicking on Analyze button.


Now simply click on Run cleaner to make your computer faster.


You can also clean Registry files with Ccleaner. But I will advice you to not to do it, Because there are many risks involved in cleaning windows registry files.




5. Make windows 10 computer faster with Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is commonly used to clean hidden temporary files that are not cleaned up by normal commands. So we are going to perform disk cleanup to boost up the speed of your PC.

Follow mentioned steps:

Go to My Computer, Right click on C drive and select properties.


Click on Disk Cleanup, it will scan your computer for memory dump files. Wait for few minutes.


Click on Clean up system files.


It will take some time and new window will open , simply click on ok.



6 Wipe out all system errors and get rid of hang problem

In the harddisk drive, with time, many sytem errors are being occured. So we have to manually check for errors and wipe out them. Follow mentioned steps below:

Go to my computer.
Right click on C drive and go to properties, click on Tools tab.
Here you will find Error checking option, Click on Check to find out system errors.



Click on Scan drive to scan errors.

error checking2


Within few minutes your drive will successfully scanned. If you encounter any error, just wipe out it.


In my case no errors were found.


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7. Optimize and Defragment drive to boost pc speed & make computer faster.

Disk Defragmenter is a utility in Microsoft Windows designed to increase access
speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations, a
technique called defragmentation. So you need to defragment every drive on your
windows pc to make your computer run faster.



Step by Step guide to Defragment your hard-disk drive

Go to my computer.
Right click on any drive and go to properties. Click on tools tab.

Click on optimize to start defragmention of C drive.


Now first you have to analyze the drive, Click on Analyze. It will take few seconds to analyze your drive.


Finally click on Optimize to defragment C drive to get rid of slow speed of windows pc. Now it will take time depending upon the size of your C drive.


Similary you can defragment other drives to increase computer performance.


You can also Schedule your optimization to make drive being optimized automatically within a time period. Simply click on Change settings.


Now you can choose various time options to set the time. I have selected weekly optimization.



8. Scan your Windows7|windows8|windows10 with antivirus software atleast once a week.

Scanning is very neccesory in windows computer because many virus, malwares may get into your system and make your computer speed slow. So do it atleast once a week. You have to use good antivirus software to scan your system or if you are using windows 8 or windows 10 then you may use windows defender to scan your PC. In windows 8 and Windows 10 windows defender is working nicely, thats why i suggest it.


9. Install windows update once a week to make computer faster.

The main mistake one do is to ignore windows updates. If you are among them, who do not intall windows updates, then you are admiting a big mistake. With the time there comes many security flaws in windows OS. To patch up these flaws Microsoft send you updates to get rid of these security holes. But if you do not install it ,then its possible that the latest malwares or viruses may attack on your PC and slow down your pc bad to worse. So install windows updates once a week and do update windows defender to get protected from latest virus and malwares.


10.Do not store big files like movies, videos and other downloads in C drive


If you fill up the C drive with movies, videos , software and other media files then it will make impact on the speed of your PC. It will make your pc run slower and also create hanging problem in your windows computer. So make sure that C drive will not get filled up with unwanted media files. Store your media files in other drives. The more space
free in the C drive the more is the performance of your computer.


11. Uninstall unused programs and speed up windows PC.

When you purchase a brand new computer with windows pre-installed, then it works smoothly and speed is awesome. But with time, we do install number of software in our computer. In addition to it, some unwanted software got automatically installed while crawling risky websites. So the speed will decrease with time and it affects performance too.


How to uninstall unused unwanted programs?

Simple follow the step by step guide to make computer faster:

Go to settings/control panel/programs/uninstall a program


Now all programs are listed, simple select unused programs and uninstall them.



As soon as you get rid of all unused programs, your pc will work faster.


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12. Install a solid state drive to speed up your Laptop | computer.



Solid state drives are alternatives to harddisk drives. In harddisk drive, there is load of moving components and they can take a long time to fire up whereas solid state drives uses flash memory and have ability to read data alot faster than harddisk-drives. If you use solid state drive then it will speed up your startup and make your computer run faster.


13. Make computer faster by managing startup programs


reduce bootup time

If your computer takes more time during boot-up, then it may fault of incorrect startup settings. You have to properly configure your startup programs to boost up the boot time. We had already publisehed an article on making Pc faster by managing startup programs. You can read it here.


14. Don’t full the harddrive space >> It will make your PC slow



If you are among those who fill up there drives with no matter media files, it will affect the speed of your PC. So try to make your drives empty as possible. Do not fill up them with garbage and delete all the stuff that is unusable. If you need to store massive amount of data then use external harddisks. The habit of deleting unused stuff on hard-disk will make your computer run faster.


15. Upgrade Ram and make slow computer fast.


If you do multiple tasks at a time or fond of multitasking, then it might require more RAM. If you have less RAM then it might affect performance of your PC. So add 2 or 4 gigs of additional RAM and make your old PC run faster.


16. Clean out Duplicate and junk files.

Image 12

As the time passes, duplicate media files get stored on your computer. These will be music or photo files. By removing these duplicate files, you will experince a sudden increase in your computer performance. So how to remove duplicate files? There is a 3rd party software named Easy Duplicate Finder. Easy Duplicate finder will first find out all junk and duplicate files and then remove them all with one click. Click here to download Easy Duplicate Finder. It will speed up your slow computer.


17. Make your computer/PC faster with SpeedItUp

As well as speeding up your PC with a single click, SpeedItup Free will also clean up your PC, prevent crashes, allow webpages to load faster, plus faster downloads.Speeditup software has as easy to use interface.

It have following features:

>Speedier PC Performance
>Shorter startup times
>Increased available memory
>Internet junk files clean up
>Stop slowness and freezes

Click here to downlaod speeditUp.


Bottom Line

Congo, you had read a 2500 words long article. Relax and lay down at your back. So finally the bottom line is- no matter how bad is your computer’s speed, these 17 proven methods will make your PC work like a brand new computer. So if you want to get rid of hanging problem and make your slow computer faster, simply follow the mentioned 17 tips.

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I think now you may make your computer faster by these “17 make computer faster tricks.”