Hi friends, today we are back with a short and simple facebook trick to make your profile picture unclickable or unaccessible or private. We had already published some cool facebook tricks 2015 such as Recover deleted Facebook messages, photos & videos5 cool facebook tricksfacebook keyboard shortcuts and many more.


In addition to facebook tricks 2015 today we are going to secure your facebook dp or profile picture so that no one can access or download it.


How to lock facebook profile picture?


I know most of us are aware of this trick but this trick is for those who are new to facebook and don’t know how to do things in facebook. As you all know we had published an amazing facebook trick on how to open locked profile pictures on facebook


Make your Facebook DP secure from unwanted users

There are many users, who used to make fake facebook id’s . They do use pictures of other users on facebook. They may use your facebook profile picture to make a fake facebook ID. So today we are here to secure your facebook profile picture from unauthorized users.


Step by Step guide to make facebook profile picture unclickable.


Step 1:-


First of all Login to your facebook account.


Step 2:-


Now go to timeline by clicking on your profile name.


How to lock or make unclickable your fb DP



Step 3:-


Now click on your facebook DP or facebook profile picture.


How to lock or make unclickable your fb DP



Step 4:-


Now your facebook profile picture will open, now at the right side,there is a globe icon, click on it and choose the option ‘Only Me’.Now it will make your profile picture private.


How to lock or make unclickable your fb DP


How to lock or make unclickable your fb DP



Step 5:-


Just close it, now no one can click on your profile picture. Your facebook profile picture is only accessible to you.



So we learn about How to make facebook profile picture or facebook dp unclickable or how to lock facebook profile picture. Hope you like it.

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