Hi friends, welcome back to helpingyouonline. We had already published some important security tricks. Out of them some are very useful such as MALWARE REMOVAL GUIDEcheck a Site is a Phishing site or notWHO LOGIN INTO MY GMAIL ACCOUNT, and many more. Today we are back with an important security trick to send secure encrypted password protected email to others.


Is it possible to create a password protected encrypted email?

Yes, its possible. In the first part of the article we will tell you how to create a password protected secure email and later on we discuss how to send it.


If you want to send an important mail which is very personal to you. If anyone access it in unauthorized manner, then situation becomes bad to worst.


So how to send email securely?

Today we are going to discuss a way, by which any one can easily create and send password protected encrypted mail to others.


Lockbin – best place to send encrypted messages

Lockbin is a web application for sending private email messages and files. It’s free! People use it to send things like credit card numbers or confidential information or important messages.

Lockbin protects messages in transit with 256-bit TLS/SSL, while FIPS 140-2 verified AES-256 bit encryption protects messages at rest.

So today in this article we are going to send messages with Lockbin. Lockbin will encrypt our messages and make them fully secure.


Step by step guide to send password protected secure messages



Step 1:-

First of all go to The Url :- https://www.lockbin.com/Messaging 


how to send secure email


Step 2:-

Now fillup all the required fields.Simply insert your name, Email, recipient Email and secret password. Note that this secret password will used to decrypt the email. Finally write down your message. If you want to send any important file, then you add it by clicking on add attachment. Now accept the License agreement and click on send secure message.


how to send secure email

how to send secure email



Step 3:-

After successfully sending, you will receive  a status message  as shown below. Note that your message will be stored on Lockbin’s server. As soon as the messages will retrieved by the receiver  messages are deleted from Lockbin’s server. Your message will be deleted automatically if not retrieved within 6 months.


how to send secure email


Step 4:-

Now if you want to see your sent message, then copy the Url from the message status box and paste it in the new tab.Now it will ask to enter secret key, insert it and click on ‘Submit’ button.


how to send secure email


Step 5:-

As you click on Submit button,you can see your sent message .You can also delete your message in the right sidebar.


how to send secure email


Step 6:-

Receiver will get the mail immediately after sending. If the receiver didn’t get it, then he may have to check it in the spam folder. If the Receiver find the mail then simply click on it. Now it will ask for secret key. Note that Receiver have to use the same security key that the sender have used. As soon Receiver input the correct security key, message will be successfully retrieved and he can now read it easily.




So we learn How to send secure password protected encrypted Email.Hope you like it.Do share this article on facebook and other social networking websites and follow us more exciting security tricks.


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