Hi friends, welcome back to helpingyouonline. We had published some amazing notepad tricks such as virus to crash a PC for forever, chat with your friends through cmd, Invisible Password Protected Folder with notepad and much more. In addition to it today we are back with a useful notepad trick to open multiple websites in one click.


Do you want to open multiple tabs in one click?

Many times we need to open multiple tabs at once to make our work done. One usually open google , facebook, twitter, linkedin everyday. Usually we make them bookmark, and everyday, go to bookmarks and access them is not a good deal. It’s better to have a single link to open all these websites in one click. It will save your precious time. Time really matters!


Open multiple websites in one click using Notepad

As you all know the power of windows notepad . Notepad is very useful in managing various tasks such as it can clean ram, it can delete NON-deletable virus file and it can also stop someone’s internet connection.


Today we are going to create a bat file with the help of windows notepad. After activation this bat file have ability to open multiple websites in just one click. 

So just follow our simple step by step guide to open multiple sites with desktop shortcut in one click :-

Step 1:-

First of all open notepad.


Step 2:-

Now paste below code in the notepad

@echo off
start “Helping” “http://www.heplingyouonline.net”
ping -n 1 -w 1000 > nul
start “Google” “http://www.google.com”
start “Gmail” “http://gmail.com”
start “Yahoo” “http://www.yahoo.com”
start “Facebook” “http://www.facebook.com”
start “Amazon” “http://www.amazon.com”

Here you can change the name of the website according to your choice. 


Step 3:-

Now save the notepad file as multiple.bat


Step 4:-

Now just double click the File and within the matter of seconds, all websites will open in your default browser in multiple tabs.

Note: If your default browser is Internet Explorer then all websites will open in new windows instead of multiple tabs.



So we learned about How to open multiple website at once in one click with desktop shortcut. Hope you like it.

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Now you may create desktop shortcut to open multiple web pages in one click.