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Who unfollow me on twitter

As you all know how to find who unfriend me on facebook, today we are going to share a guide on how to find who unfollowed you on twitter.


Is it possible to find a follower who had left you?


Many times we see on twitter that if you follow a person on twitter than he follows you back. But after sometime many of them unfollow you. If you have thousands of followers of twitter then it’s not possible to find whom did unfollowed you.


Unfollowers – best place to find who unfollowed you

If social community matters for you, then unfollowers is the best web platform where you can find who had unfollowed you on twitter. Aproximetly 12+ million users are using Unfollowers.


Unfollowers is undoubtedly the best website to find who unfollowed me on twitter.
we have included a step by step guide to make it simple to understand how to get the details about who unfollow you on twitter.


How to use Unfollowers – Step by Step guide


Step 1

First of all go to Unfollowers official website


Step 2

Now in the upper right side you will find and twitter login option. Simply click on Log in with Twitter




Step 3

Now sign in to Authorize Unfollowers to use your account. Don’t worry It will not access your messages or password.




Step 4

Now wait for few minutes and you will be redirected back to the application. Now you are one step away from awesomeness. Insert your email and click on Get Started




Step 5

Now you can use various options like who are not following back, who are mutual followback, you are your fans and much more



Step 6

Now click on New unfollowers to know who unfollowed you on twitter.


As in my case none of my followers had unfollowed me. Check yours and find out who unfollowed you in 2015



So thats how we can easily find it who had unfollowed you on twitter. Hope you like this trick.Do share this article on facebook and other social networking websites and follow us more exciting twitter tricks.


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