Hi friends, today we are going to share SMS forwarding trick to forward any incoming messages directly to another phone number.

Do you want to forward unwanted messages automatically to another number?

If yes, then this trick is for you. Just follow the article and know how to forward messages without getting them to your own mobile number and let them forwarded to your wanted number.


SMS Forwarder

SMS Forwarder allows to automatically forward incoming messages to any phone number or e-mail address. Just tell the app what kind of messages from what person to forward and who would you like to forward them to, and from there SMS Forwarder will take care of everything.



Features of SMS Forwarder

You can set phone numbers to receive the messages from.

You can set phone numbers or e-mail addresses to forward the messages to.

Set up rules to modify the messages before being forwarded

You can view history of the messages forwarded.

-Block forwarded messages from reaching your default messaging app’s inbox


Step by Step guide to forward messages from one mobile to another


Step 1:-

First of all download “sms forwarding application” from google play store in your android phone.


Step 2:-

Now open the application.

Forward sms to another number


Step 3:-

Now you have to create a profile, press Menu and click on ‘New Profile’.


Forward sms to another number


Step 4:-

Now here Insert your ‘Profile Name’. Check mark if you want to forward every message received from all.


Forward sms to another number


If you want to forward the message of particular number then don’t check mark above box and click on ‘Add Contact‘ and add the number. Here you may add more numbers by clicking on add number.You may choose the numbers from your contact list by clicking on contact sign.


Forward sms to another number
Now in the “Forward to” section, you can add the numbers that you want to forward the message. Just click on ‘Add Contact’ and add any number whom you want to forward messages..Finally click on “Done“.

Forward sms to another number


Step 5:-

Now your profile is created and it will look like this:

Forward sms to another number


Step 6:-

Now if you want to stop forwarding just delete your profile that you have created.


Forward sms to another number


Note: You can create multiple profiles at the same time.


SMS Auto Forwarding

Sms auto forwarding is a great application if you want to forward your message to another number and also want to receive the message on your own number.

Simply download the app sms auto forwarding ” from google play store and install it.

It’s very simple to use. Open the app and turn on the Bounce SMS and insert the number that you want to forward the sms in the TO: box and just save it.

Forward sms to another number

So thats it, now your incoming messages will be forwarded to another mobile which you specify on starting and you will also recieve that incoming sms.



So we learn about how to forward sms from one mobile to another. Hope you like it.


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