If you are a blogger, then taking screenshots is common to you. In blogging journey a blogger takes thousands of screenshots. On the flip side common PC users also take screenshots as per their need.


Don’t you think static screenshots are boring?

If you are fed up taking normal sceenshots then it’s time to take some cool live animated screenshots


Let’s do something creative.


Is it possible to create animated screenshots?


Yes, it’s possible.


Lets give a more life to static screenshots. Today we are going to share an amazing
trick on how to capture Live animated screenshots.


Sounds cool na?

It’s very easy to take animated gif screenshots right from your computer without any
problem. Unfortunetely there is no option for taking live animated screen shots in
Windows . We have to install a useful third party software. It’s a amazing windows
software of 2015 which works fine on every version of windows . You can take gif
screenshots easily with it.


Gyazo – best gif screenshot taker

Image 20


Gyazo is undoubtly the best tool for taking live animated gif screenshot in windows. we have tested it and found that it works fine everytime. There is no lag or
performance issues with this application.


Screenshots taken with Gyazo saves a major amount of memory because it’s
screenshot takes less space on your computers harddrive. On the flip side normal
screenshots gives images of big sizes.


Some useful points about Gyazo ==>


>The easiest way to capture your screen

>It supports GIF & Video

>You can share screen captures very fastly in the matter of seconds.

>Gyazo is available on Mac/Windows/Linux

You can record a section of the screen for up to 7 seconds.



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Step by step guide to install Gyazo


Step 1

First of all you have to download and install Gyazo tool from here. Don’t worry there
is no overhead involved in installation and configuration. It’s as easy as it sounds.


Step 2

After succesfull installation, You will see an Gyazo and Gyazo gif icon on the desktop of your computer.


>Gyazo icon is used to take normal screenshots

>Gyazo Gif icon is used to take animated screenshots.

By default as you install Gyazo, both Gyazo and Gyazo GIF icons are pinned to your


Step 3

Now if you want to take normal screenshot, simple click on the Gyazo icon pinned on
the taskbar and then simply select the required area whom you want to take
screenshot. As soon as you select area and release the cursor, screenshot will be



Step 4

Now you are redirected to the Gyazo.com and here you can download and share your screenshot to social networking sites.




Step 5


Now it’s time to take animated screenshots. Go to videos and open any video.

Now click on Gyazo Gif icon and select the required area.



Now it records it for 7 seconds and you are redirected to Gyazo.com website where you can view and download your screenshot and can share it to social networking


You can also use shortcut Ctrl + Shift + G to take animated shortcuts.




So that’s how we can easily take live animated Gif screenshots in windows. So download Gyazo and start taking animated Gif screenshots. Hope you like it.



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