Some days back, We had published a series of articles on Two-step Verification. Hope you liked it. We had already gave you a way to secure your accounts with two-step authentication on some of most popular websites such as Linkedin, Gmail, Yahoo and Twitter account. On addition to them today we are back to tell you how easy you can secure your Amazon account with two-step authentication factor.



We highly recommond you to activate two-step verification security on Amazon
whether you are a consumer, publisher or a affilate.


Security matters!



Yes friends, nothing is totally secure. We have to implement maximum possible
security on all of our online accounts. It will assure us to get rid of hackers.


Enable two-step Verification on Amazon


So we have included a step by step guide to make it simple to understand. Just follow
every single as mentioned and secure your amazon account in 2015 from hacking


Step 1


Go to Amazon’s official website


Step 2


Sign in to your amazon account and click on your account in upper right corner.

amazon security


Step 3


Now here you will find Account settings, click on change Account settings

amazon security


Step 4


Now under “change account settings” you will find Advanced Security Settings. Click on Edit.

amazon security



Step 5


Now Two-step Verification page will open.

amazon security


Before you get started, take care of some noteworthy points ->


> To activate 2-step authentication you need both mobile number & password to login
to your amazon’s account.

>As soon as you enter your password, a security code is sent to your registered mobile
number. There are two options for that – either through SMS or an authenticator app.

>Now you have to enter that security code before proceeding for login.

>No one can get access to your account except you!

So let’s start configuring two-step verification on amazon account. Click on Get



Step 6


Now in next step you have to enter your registered mobile number whom you want to recieve code. This phone should be available whenever you sign in to your Amazon account. Enter mobile number and hit  send code.

amazon security



Step 7


Now you will get a code, insert code and click on Verify code and continue

amazon security



Step 8


Now the most important step comes. You have to add a backup method so that in
case you don’t access to your account with your preferred method, you can access  your account easily with it. So we highly recommond to add a backup method.

amazon security



Step 9


You may skip codes on your personal devices because they are only accessable to
you. So you can choose to not be asked for codes on that device. In this case every
time you sign in you only need your password.So make sure that the device is
accessible only to you and not others. In case you want to change settings, you can
remove it from Advanced Settings page.



So finally click on Turn on Two-step Verification.

amazon security



Congo, Two-step authentication is activated on your amazon’s account.

amazon security





So that’s how we can easily secure our Amazon’s account by adding extra layer of
two-step verification security. Hope you like it.



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