Hi readers, time to time we let you updated with working windows tricks. The common reason behind it is that most of our readers are using windows operating system. So it’s our duty to provide you the best windows tricks of 2015.


We had already solved many windows related issues such as Pendrive not detecting error, way to delete non-deletable virus, boost internet speed, change windows password without knowing the old one and many other awesome cmd related windows tricks.


So if you are windows user, then you may get problem regarding boot time. If your windows boot time is slow, then it may cause performance regarding problems. You have to properly configure windows to reduce the bootup time of windows.


Startup programs & their effect on boot time


So first of all let’s understand what are the startup programs. When one press power button then within the matter of seconds windows got boot up. At the time of boot many services and programs get started by default.


Startup programs are directly proportional to windows bootup time.


It means if startup programs are more then windows boot up time is more and on the flip side if the amount of startup programs is less then windows will boot fastly.


Do you want to decrease windows boot time?


Offcourse yes, then you have to play with startup programs. I mean to say, you have to properly configure startup setting. So today in this article, we will tell you how to properly configure windows startup settings to make windows boot in 2-3 seconds.


Windows startup configuration


Step 1


For windows 7 => windows key + R and type msconfig
For windows 8 => Ctrl + shift + Esc


So with these shortcut keys windows task manager will open.



Step 2


Click on startup tab.

Image 3



Step 3


Here you will find all startup programs. As you see there are some startup programs with high startup impact. These type of programs reduce bootup time of windows.


Image 4



Step 4


So i have choosen one service with high startup impact and do right click and disable the service. So simply disable all the programs that doesn’t matters at the startup and just increasing windows startup time. Note that do not disable windows core programs . If you disable them windows will not boot up. So take care of it.


Image 6



Step 5


Finally close the task manager and shutdown your PC. Now turn on your pc to see the difference. I personally get 1-3 seconds boot up time after successfully configuring startup services.





There are many other ways to reduce startup time but startup programs matters alot. You have to configure it properly to reduce windows startup time. Hope you like it.


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What is your windows bootup time after implementing this trick?