Hi readers, we had already published some amazing tricks for whatsapp. Out of these whatsapp tricks 2015 some are just amazing such as two WhatsApp account in one phoneRecover Deleted Whatsapp Messages and how to Lock Whatsapp With a Password. IN addition to it today we are back with an useful whatsapp trick – how to hide whatsapp images, video files from gallery of android device.


Whenever a person downloads any video or image from whatsapp, then all the downloaded media files are visible in mobile gallery. If your gallery is not password protected then anyone can see your personal pics and videos.



So how to hide videos, images, music from android gallery?


It’s very simple to get rid out of this problem. You can easily hide all the whatsapp photos , videos and other media files from android gallery within the matters of seconds. Believe me the trick is very very simple and easy to use. So just follow below mentioned steps and hide your whatsapp media files from gallery.



Step 1:-


First of all go to ‘SD Card’ or phone storage (if your whatsapp is installed on phone storage). Here you will find a folder with name whatsapp, simply click on it. Now click on  ‘Media’.


Step 2:-


Now here in the ‘Media folder’ you will find folders of whatsapp images, whatsapp calls ,Audio video etc.

hide whatsapp image from gallery



Step 3:-

Now if you want to hide whatsapp images from your gallery, then long press on ‘WhatsApp Images’ folder and then click on ‘Rename’. In the same manner you can hide videos, music and other media files.

hide whatsapp image from gallery


Step 4:-


So you have to put a dot ( . ) before the name as shown in below figure and save it.

hide whatsapp image from gallery


In the same manner you can hide video files by putting dot before whatsapp video.


Now go to gallery and you will find that whatsapp images are hidden from your gallery.



How to unhide whatsapp media files from gallery


Now if you want to unhide the whatsapp images then simply remove the  .  before the name of folder  and the images will successfully unhidden from android gallery.




So we learn How to Hide WhatsApp media files from Gallery in Android Phone.Hope you like it.


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