Imagine you are doing an important work on google chrome and you have opened 10-12 tabs. Suddenly the google chrome get accidentally crashed and get closed. 

Now what do you do?

Situation becomes worse when that work is very important to you. Now what should one do to get back to restore the previous session?

Don’t very every problem has a solution within it.


So today I am back to help you out from this sudden problem. I am going to share an important article on how to restore google chrome last session. Simply follow our step by step guide and learn how to restore all closed tabs within the matter of seconds.


Step by Step guide to restore last google chrome session



First of all do right-click on chrome shortcut and go to properties.







If chrome is pinned on taskbar then you can also access properties directly.
First right-click on google chrome on taskbar.Now here you will find the option ‘Google chrome‘.


google grome restore last session



Now when you right-click on it,then you will find the option ‘properties’, click on it.

google grome restore last session





Now a pop-up will open. Here you will see the ‘Target’ option.

google grome restore last session





Now here in the target box, give one space and then write “– -restore-last-session“.

google grome restore last session




On windows 8 system it will look like this:- { “C:Usersshankar choudharyAppData LocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” –restore-last-session }



Now click on ‘Apply’ and then press ‘OK‘ to save the changes.

Now when will you open your google chrome browser, it will restore the last session and will open all the closed tabs.




So that’s how we can restore last session in google chrome browser. Hope you like this trick.Do share this article on facebook and other social networking websites and follow us more exciting android tricks.

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