If you are studying in a wi-fi enabled college or school, you may face problems
about website blocking. In colleges the system admin did use proxy connections.
As we all know system admin has power to do much in controlling wi-fi
connections. He may do block a device or a ip address or a set of websites. Today in
this article we are going to talk about website blocking.


How do a system admin block websites?

System admin has a power to block websites. Actually in colleges Facebook, twitter,
YouTube is blocked generally. Commonly system admin use squid proxy server to
block websites. If you don’t have any idea about squid server and how a system admin
block a website , then read it here


How to access blocked websites?

It’s possible to bypass these restrictions. You may use third-party software to bypass
these restrictions. We had already published an article on How to get access to blocked websites with software.


Do you like 3rd party software to bypass website restrictions?

You may, but there is so much overhead involved in the installation and configuration
of these software programs. So if you are a geek then you may go for 3rd party website unblockers but if you are newbie or novice or you don’t like installing 3rd party software, then you may follow this article.


Top 5 proxy websites of 2015 to unblock websites

So we are not going to use any software to get access to blocked websites, we will use proxy websites. Proxy websites are the alternative way to access blocked websites like Facebook, YouTube, twitter and much more. You have nothing to do except visiting proxy websites and just crawl your favourite website whether it’s a streaming site or any social networking site. You don’t have to configure anything. Let’s see some pros of proxy websites –>

No overhead of installation and configuration.
You are safe and won’t be caught by system admin.
Easy and fast crawling
Save efforts and time


Top 5 safe proxy websites 2015

Today we are going to discuss about top safe proxy websites which you can visit to
bypass any restriction implemented by system admin. So let’s see which proxy
websites are best and safe to visit ==>


1 Unblocker

It’s the best proxy website 2015 which gives very fast proxy service. It uses San Francisco, USA proxy servers. With unblocker you can unblock any restricted website that you want.
>First of all visit Unblocker
>Now in the url box enter the URL of the website you want to visit, hit Go!




2 Proxify

It’s a popular proxy website which will protect yourself with their proxy service. It
give many services to his users such as –

>It will hide your ip address so that no one can trace you!
>Will encrypt your communications by their security algorithms
> The best thing you are anonymous online.

So just visit proxify and get a free trial and enjoy its services.



3 Blewpass

Blewpass is an awesome proxy website in the list of top 5 proxy websites 2015. It helps you to bypass internet firewalls that implemented by school, colleges, or office. It’s a safe proxy site which will make you anonymous online. Blewpass also support HTML5 video player that means streaming experience will be smooth and fast. You can also download videos , simply right-click and hit on save link as. It’s the best proxy website to access YouTube.

Click here to visit blewpass and after then insert URL in the given URL box and bypass your favourite website.



4 Proxy.org

proxy.org is an amazing proxy website that will make your life easy if you are in an environment where websites are blocked by system admins. It is the best proxy website 2015 to secure your online privacy and you can bypass any blocked websites within the matters of seconds.
Click here to visit proxy.org


5 Kproxy

Kproxy is the 5th most popular proxy website of 2015. It’s a fast proxy website which works smoothly on even slow internet connections. You can bypass Facebook, twitter, YouTube and many other popular websites which are commonly blocked by your service providers.
Click here to visit Kproxy.




So these were the top 5 free proxy websites of 2015. Hope you like this trick.Do share this article on facebook and other social networking websites and follow us more exciting android tricks.


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