Hi friends, welcome back to helpingyouonline. Today we are going to show an awesome web browser trick to view hidden passwords in a web browser. As we know that when we type password in a browser then it shows in the form of ******** sign. But do you know you can change ********* format to text words. After this if your friends type this password in your browser then it will show in the form of text. We are going to inspect the password box and going to change the default ******** format to simple text format.


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Step by Step guide to view hidden password in Google chrome.

The browser we are going to take is Google chrome. So simply follow step by step guide to see the hidden password in google chrome.This trick will work on almost all web browsers.



First of all open google chrome browser.


Now visit facebook.com and click on password box. When we type anything it will show hidden or encrypted ****** format.

show hidden password



Now right click and choose the option ‘Inspect Element’

show hidden password



Now Html code will open and here in the Html code you will see the code <input type=”password”……….

show hidden password



Now here replace the word “password” with “text” and hit enter.

show hidden password



Now when you will type in password box it will show the text format.

show hidden password


So thats how we can view hidden passwords in web browser. Hope you like this trick.Do share this article on facebook and other social networking websites and follow us more exciting android tricks.

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