Hi friends, we had already written about Top 5 torrent websites of 2015 and
today in addition to it we are going to share the way – how to download torrents
without a torrent client. Utorrent, bit torrents are commonly the best torrent
clients 2015 that are used by users, now-a-days.
The main problem that exits with the torrent clients is the way, in which they
configured. For new users or first time users it’s not easy to install or configure a
torrent client . A person need some basic information on how to use torrent

So as we all know torrent websites are the useful source that provides hd
content such as video, audio, movies & software cracks. You may read Top safe
crack sites for more information regarding safe cracks and keygen.


Do i really need a Torrent client ?

No, you don’t. You can easily download torrent without Utorrent or any other
torrent clients. So today in this article, we are going to reveal the way to
download torrents without using torrent clients.


How do i do that?

It’s not a rocket science. It’s not as hard as it seems. The method to download torrents without Utorrent is very simple and straighforeward. Just simply follow our step by step guide to download hd torrents 2015 without Bit torrent clients.


Step by Step guide to Download torrent without Utorrent or Bit torrent


Step 1

First of all go to your favourite torrent website and select a torrent which you want to download. In my case i have choosen a hollywood movie from my favourite torrrent website kickasstorrents. You may read Top 5 websites to watch online movies.


Step 2

Right click on magnet link and copy the link address.



Step 3

Now go to zbigz official website.


Step 4

Paste the link that you had copied and click go.


Step 5

Now select the plan- free or premium. If you select the free plan then there are certain limits such as –

> Maximum size of file should be within 1GB.
>You have to download all added files within 7 days
>You can add only two download at a time.
>Files are cached only if you are on site.
>Annoying ads are there.

In case of premium plan you got unlimited downloads, maximum downloading speed, maximum caching speed and unlimited files in the storage and also files should be saved in your account for unlimited time.

So if you do not have enought credits to buy premium plan, simply click on free.



Step 6

Now your file will be added to the queue and file caching will start within the matter of seconds.


Step 7

Within few minutes file caching will be completed. Now you can download your file or you may watch it online.



Step 8

Simply click on download and it will ask you to choose the free or premium plan.
Select free.



Step 9

Now very soon downloading will start.




Bottom Line

So bottom line is that you do not need any torrent client to download torrent content. Hope you like this trick.Do share this article on facebook and other social networking websites and follow us more exciting android tricks.


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If you have any queries and doubts regarding this trick, then just put down your comments in the comment section.