Have you forgotten your Wifi password?
It’s a common problem among new users who are just setting up their internet connection. To secure WiFi connection from hackers or unauthorized users, one
might use complex password. The autosave feature makes life easy for users
because they don’t have to remember complex passwords. But if you dont have
autosaved your password, there are chances that you may forgot it.


What will you do in this condition?
Do you contact wifi operater to solve out this headache?

If you do call wifi operter to solve out this miniature problem, then you are just wasting your time.

You can easily solve it within the matters of seconds

But how?

Don’t worry you just have to follow this article to get rid out of this problem. I have made a step by step guide to make it simple to understand.


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Step by step guide to recover a wifi password in Windows


Step 1

First of all press Windows + R and type ncpa.cpl and hit enter.
Go to network and sharing center/change adapter settings

wifi tricks


Step 2

Now simply navigate to your Wifi connection and right click on it and then click Status.



Step 3

A new window will be open, click on Wireless Properties.




Step 4

Here click on Security tab. Here in front of Network security key you will find your wifi password. But it’s in ******* format. You have to click on Show characters to view your WiFi password.



Bottom Line

So bottom line is that it’s a useful trick to view your wifi password in windows. Hope you like it. Do share this trick on facebook, twitter and other social networking websites and hit on follow button to get latest content directly delivered to your inbox.


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