Do you want to hide any important data specially text data?

If yes, then this article is for you. If no, then read these cool notepad or windows cmd articles. Today i am going to share a Windows cmd trick to hide text in notepad. It’s very easy to hide any desired text data in notepad. You can also hide personal conversation in notepad. You have to follow this hidden windows cmd trick. Later on, i will also explain how to retrieve that hidden text data with cmd.


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Step by step guide to hide text in Notepad

I have included a simple step by step guide to make it simple to understand. Just follow this guide and learn this windows cmd trick.

Step 1

First of all open windows cmd (shortcut-> windows + R and type cmd)


Step 2

Now navigate to Desktop using below command ==>

cd Desktop


As you use this command your location is changed or moved to Desktop. It means the file we are going to create will be saved to Desktop.


Step 3

Now type the below code into the cmd and press enter ==>

notepad filename.txt:hidden

Now a new prompt will open which will ask you to create the file, simply click on yes.



Step 4

Now notepad will open, write down the text which you want to hide and save it with shortcut ctrl + S. Now close the notepad.



Step 5

Now go to the Desktop of your computer. Here you will find your created file, simple click on it. Now you will see that the file is empty. The text which we wrote is hidden now.



Step 6

If you want to retrieve or see the hidden text, then simple open windows cmd and use the below command ==>

notepad filename.txt:hidden


Now you will able to view the hidden text.



So it’s very easy to hide text in a file with the help of windows cmd inside a notepad file. Hope you like this awesome windows cmd trick. Do share this article on facebook, twitter and other social networking sites and follow us to get latest updates directly to your inbox.


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