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After publishing a series of article on gmail security we are back to secure your
computer from hidden trojans & virus. Yes friends, this time i am going to share a article on how to detect hidden trojans from your computer.

Trojans are the malicious programs that are very harmful for a computer system.
Trojans can do many destructive tasks such as crashing the computer device,
modification or deletion of important files or software, data corruption, disk
formation, spreading of malwares, spy activites and much more.

So today in this article, i am going to reveal a simple way to detect hidden trojans
and to destroy them. Actually it’s a software program that can detect and show
malicious programs running in the background. If you find any suspicious
program running then you can easily kill it.


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Process Revealer

Process revealer is a software program that can easily reveal what hidden
process are running in the computer system. It can also show that hidden
process, which does not appear in Windows Task Manager. With Process
Revealer you can get details of each and every process running in the


How to install and use Process Revealer – Step by Step guide


Step 1

First of all click here to download Process Revealer.


Step 2

Now simply install the Process Revealer. As the installation starts, click on Next.

hidden trojans


Step 3

Now accept the license agreement and click I agree.

hidden virus


Step 4

Now choose the install location and click install.

hidden trojans


Step 5

Now finally click on finish to finish the setup.



Step 6

Now run the software to view each and every details of your computer
background processes. If you find any suspicious or malicious program in the list
, then simply right click on that process and click on end process.





So today we have learned- how to detect hidden virus, trojans, malicious
software programs in our computer. Hope you like it. Do share this article on
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