HI friends, a warm welcome to helpingyouonline. Yesterday I have published an article on gmail security- how to secure gmail with two step authentication. In addition to gmail security i am back with an another article related to gmail security

If you have activated two step authentication in your gmail account. As we all know that at the time of activation of  two step authentication, we had added recovery phone number and email address. Suppose you forgot recovery email address and your recovery mobile number stop working or your sim card got lost which contain the recovery phone number.


Now what will you do in this condition?

Now in this condition how do you recover your gmail account. Every problem has a solution. It has also a easy and efficient solution. You can use gmail backup codes to recover your gmail account. Gmail provide us 10 backup codes to recover gmail account. So today we will learn how to access these gmail backup codes and how to recover gmail account with the help of gmail backup codes.


Step by step guide to recover gmail account with gmail backup codes



First of open your favorite web browser.



To access gmail backup codes, first you have to configure two step authentication on your gmail account. So simple activate two step authentication, and after that click on below link

Now here you can access Gmail Backup codes.



Now here you will see gmail Backup codes, now click on ‘show backup code’

gmail account login backup code



Now a new tab will open and here you will get 10 gmail backup codes where each code can be used only once.

gmail account login backup code



You can also save the backup codes into a text file by clicking on ‘Save to text file’. It will download the code into text file.

gmail account login backup code



When you will login into your gmail account by inserting ‘username’ and  ‘password’ . then it will ask for  6-digit code. Generally 6-digit code are mobie codes but your recovery phone number is lost.So you have to click on ‘Try another way to sign in’

gmail account login backup code



Now a tab will open and then click on ‘use a backup code you received from google’

gmail account login backup code



Now a tab will open and it will ask to Enter 8-digit code.Here you have to insert your gmail back code and then click on ‘Done’.

gmail account login backup code

Now finally your gmail account will be successfully recovered.


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