Hey friends,a warm welcome to helpingyouonline. I have already written many articles related to notepad tricks. In addition to notepad tricks 2015 i am going to share a hidden notepad trick which will make your friends surprise. It’s actually a funny notepad trick.

It’s very easy to annoy your friends or make surprise them with notepad. All you have to do is to follow this hidden & funny notepad trick. So we are going to make bat script with the help of notepad.


How it works

The working of this notepad trick is very simple. It simply creates an infinite cycle of messeges in the victim’s computer. All you have to do is to place this script in the pen-drive and give it to your friend or if you have access to his computer you can secretly place this file on the desktop of friend’s computer. Simply if you do not have access to his computer then give him some movies via pen-drive and with those movies put the .bat script . If by mistake your friend click on the bat file, then the script got activated and annoy your friend alot till he get forced to do a shutdown.





Step by Step guide to create a Constantly Repeat Messages notepad trick

>Open notepad

>Paste the following code into the notepad file.

@ECHO off
msg * Hello
msg * Your PC is in danger ?
msg * I am going to format your PC
msg * Lets have fun together!
msg * Shutdown now!
GOTO Begin

>Save the file as fun.bat and close it.
(You can use any name of your choice)

>Now simply put this file on the desktop of victim’s PC

>That’s it!


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