Hi friends I am back with a imprtant gmail trick- how to find out if someone else has accessed or snooping your email account. If you are worried that someone in your organization is secretly monitoring your email, then this is a awesome trick to confirm that suspicion. It’s a simple trick but most of people don’t aware about it.

With this gmail trick we can check who login into my email account or in other words we can check who is secretly reading our gmail mails or personal or official mails without our permission. If someone is reading your company official mails then  the secret data of company may got leaked.So for this we have to logout gmail everytime and from every device and we have to set alert setting for account login and Protect gmail account with two factor authentication.

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Step by step guide to check who login to my gmail account.

Now we are going to learn who login into my gmail account with the help of a step by step guide



First of all login into your gmail account.



Now scroll to bottom and look for the option “Details” in the right corner.

gmail snooping


As soon as you click on ‘Details’ a popup will open.

gmail snooping
Here you can see that what is the type of access, location or IP address and Date/Time  of login.



Now by clicking on show details you can view the data with more explanation.

gmail snooping


Now if you think that someone else is reading your mails and you want to Sign out from all other web sessions then click on Sign out all other web sessions.

gmail snooping

After successfully sign out you can also change your password by clicking on change your password.

gmail snooping

Now a new tab will open where you can change your password.

gmail snooping


You may also set alert for unusual activity by clicking the option ‘change’.

gmail snooping

Here you have to choose  alert option.

gmail snooping


Now if you want more details click on link ‘why wait’.

gmail snooping

and then a new tab will open

gmail snooping

Now click on link ‘OPEN RECENT ACTIVITY’


Now after clicking the above link a new tab will open and will show the devices and location.

gmail snooping

Now click on any device, it will show complete details.

gmail snooping



So friends today we learn how to check who login to our gmail account. Hope you like this gmail trick. Share this article on Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites and don’t forgot to follow us for more amazing tricks and tutorials.

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