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Yeah friends we are going to create the smallest virus of the World. It is small in size but it’s very harmful. It’s a five chartacter virus which can Eat up your system.





How it works?


As soon as the virus got activated, it started to eat up the CPU usage of your computer.
Within the matter of seconds 100% CPU usage will be eaten up by the world smallest
notepad virus. In this condition your system got hanged up and you are forced to
do a shutdown with the help of power button.


Step by step guide to create world smallest Notepad Virus


Step 1.

Open Notepad and copy this code into it




Step 2.


Save it as Small.bat and close the file.


Step 3.


Now the virus is ready to execute. Beware don’t run this virus on your own
computer. Find a victim and test the virus on the victim’s PC. This will eat
Victim’s 100% CPU usage.



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