HI friends, A warm welcome to helpingyouonline blog. Today I am going to share a trick ” how to get wifi password of any PC connected to a wifi network”. I will give you two ways to grab wifi password of a PC connected to internet.

Imagine your neighbour have a high speed wifi connection and you don’t know the password. So in this condition what should you do?

You will try to crack the password?

You can try but modern wifi routers are highly secured with various encryption algorithms so it’s not easy to crack them.

So what would a person do to get the password of neighbour’s wifi?

Friends it’s possible to get the password of a PC but to get it you have to access a pc physically !

But the main conditon is – PC must be connected to wifi network

Today we are going to share couple of ways by which you can physically get a password of any PC.

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Access wifi password with wifi password grabbing software

There is a amazing software program by which you can easily know the password of PC connected to wifi. The credit for this software goes to nateshmbhat. You have to simply download the application and open it to view the password of a PC connected to wifi.


Step 1:-

First of all download the program from this DOWNLOAD link.


Step 2:-

Now extract the .rar file and then open the appliction.

Hack Wi-Fi Password

Now here you can see the stored Wi-Fi password in windows PC connected to the wifi network. Note that the software will grab all wifi passwords of the PC.

So what you have to do now in order to grab password of your neighbours pc–>

>Put this software in USB pendrive and insert it in the victim’s pc.

>Open the application and view all passwords of victim pc

>Now simply come back home and enjoy free wifi.


How to see wifi password of a PC without any third party software?

Now if you do not have any software to grab wifi password, then what will you do now?

In this condition there is a natural and simple way to see wifi password of a PC connected to the a wifi network. You have simply follow mentioned steps:


Step 1:-

First of all navigate to wifi panel on bottom-right corner and then right click on “Open Network and Sharing Center”

Hack Wi-Fi Password


Step 2:-

Now click on victim’s Wi-fi Network.

Hack Wi-Fi Password


Step 3:-

Now click on Wireless Properties.

Hack Wi-Fi Password


Step 4:-

Now click on Security option.

Hack WiFi Password


Step 5:-

Now check mark at “Show characters” option and then you can easily see the encrypted Network security key.

Hack Wi-Fi Password

Hack Wi-Fi Password


So as you see you can easily see wifi password of PC connected to wifi network without using any software.



So today we have learned two method to grab wifi password of a PC connected to wifi network. Hope you like it. Do follow us for exciting tricks and share this article on facebook, twitter and other social networking sites.

If you have any doubts and queries regarding this trick then share your views in the comments section.

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