Hi friends, today i am going to share – how to make bootable USB drive with CMD. You have already heard of making USB bootable with many third party software available on the internet. So if you do not have any of them, then in this situation, what you do to make your USB bootable?

Is there any way to make USB bootable without any software?

Yes, it’s possible!

It’s possible to make bootable USB drive with the help of Windows CMD. Probably you don’t heard of this trick before!

Today i am going to share a hidden way to make pendrive bootable with the help of CMD. If you follow this step by step guide then it’s very easy to make bootable USB drive within minutes.



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Bootable USB drive with Windows Command Prompt


Follow these simple steps to make bootable USB drive without any software :-


Step 1

First of all, go to windows search bar,search for cmd and right click on it and click on “Run as administrator”.

bootable Pendrive


Step 2

Now type diskpart in cmd and press Enter.

bootable Pendrive


Step 3

Now type “list disk” and press Enter to display all disk connected to the PC with status, size, free space etc. As we see in the screenshot provided below Disk 1 is our pendrive.

bootable Pendrive


Step 4

Now type “select disk 1”  to select the pendrive and press enter.

bootable Pendrive


Step 5

Now type “clean” to clean the Disk 1. It will erase all the data from the Pendrive.

bootable Pendrive


Step 6

Now we will create primary partition on Pendrive. Simply type “create partition primary” and  press Enter.

bootable Pendrive


Step 7

Now we will select the primary partition that we have created in above step by typing “select partition 1” and press Enter.

bootable Pendrive


Step 8

Now we have to format the pendrive into Ntfs format. Simply type format=fs ntfs quick” and then press Enter. It will take some time depending upon your pendrive.

bootable Pendrive


Step 9

Now we have to activate the partition for booting. Simply type “active
and press Enter.

bootable Pendrive


Step 10

Now type “exit” to get exit from  DISKPART.

bootable Pendrive

Now finally we have successfully made our USB bootable with CMD without using any software.

Now at last we need a .iso file. If you want to make windows 8 bootable pendrive, simply open the iso file of windows 8 with power iso or winrar and copy all the content of windows 8 iso file and then paste it into Pendrive’s root folder. Now your Pendrive is ready for booting. Simply restart your PC and insert pendrive to install windows 8 os on your system.


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Hope you like the trick to make usb bootable with CMD. If you have any issue or problem regarding this trick, feel free to comment, we are here to help you.

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