ExpressFind Ads malware removal guide

This article covers the best Expressfind ads  malware removal guide. The malware we are talking about is one and only ExpressFind. If ExpressFind malware got activated on your computer, your all web browsers including google chrome, Firefox, IE started showing dozens of ads.

You are not even able to surf the internet. So it’s actually a adware. Adware is a type of malware which creates annoying ads & pop ups in  the web browser.

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My experience with ExpressFind!


I even don’t want to remember it! As being a regular blogger, I need to surf the internet for hours. Before Express find, my blogging journey is going with ease. I am enjoying it! Life is never same. Change is the rule of the world. I even don’t know how even expressfind enters into my computer. These types of malware’s find their way to get into your computer via many ways –>

With Unwanted software (malware + software)
>Via malware infected sites
>Using malware-infected USB or Hard- drives


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But I don’t know how I get ExpressFind malware. As a tech blogger, i knows some way to get rid of malware. I tried some well-known ways to remove malware ==>


What i did to get rid of ExpressFind Ads


> Removed the ExpressFind extension from google chrome( I do not install this extension, but it automatically gets added to chrome)

>I navigate to settings/control panel/programs/uninstall a program. I check the entire list of my installed software. I found the expressfind there & uninstall it

> I uninstall all my browsers and install them again.

>I had used the search everything software to deeply scan all drives and find the origin of the expressFind virus. Then I simply explore the path and delete all the files of expressfind located under C drive.



So what was the result ??

I hope you think that the expressfind adware get removed from my PC.


Right ?


NO, the hell is yet there. As I open google chrome ->PLAY SECRET GAME IN GOOGLE CHROME  and started browsing, my browser was filled with annoying ads & popups . I don’t know how the expressfind is still in my system.

In the hurry I checked again for expressfind malware in the list of installed software. But it’s not there. Later I check google chrome extension, but expressfind was not even there.



Now i was totally depressed. I googled to get malware removal guide of expressfind. But the methods I had found are so lengthy. They ask me to download 4-5 software to completely remove Expressfind ads. Seriously I have no time to do it.


Expressfind give me a deadly plugincontainer virus?


Expressfind also injected a virus named plugincontainer into my computer. It’s a type of virus which eats all the RAM of your computer and will hang your system. Finally, you have to do a force shutdown with the power button. Since the origin of plugincontainer is expressfind so I have to find a way to remove expressfind malware from my system.


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How I find the way to remove expressfind?


After a big research finally I found a way to get rid of the expressfind virus. Not only I successfully get rid of expressfind ads but also disabled it permanently. Within few minutes, i am going to share you the entire process of malware removal guide of expressfind ads.


ExpressFind ads removal guide


I am going to share a step by step guide to completely remove expressfind from your computer. Let’s start with basic steps.


Initial steps

> Go to C drive and in the search bar search for Expressfind. If you find any results then select all and permanently delete them.

> Go to settings/control panel/programs/ uninstall a program. If you find ExpressFind in the programs list then simply uninstall it.

Open yourweb browser and go to extensions/plugins. If you find any Expressfind extension/plugin then remove it.




Step 1


First of all, open task manager (ctrl + shift + Esc) & click on more options.





Step 2


Now click on Services tab.




Step 3


Now carefully view the list of services. We need 2 services which are responsible for ExpressFind ads. These are Service Mgr ExpressFind & update Mgr ExpressFind. If your pc is infected with ExpressFind then Service Mgr ExpressFind service is in running state. Now when you uninstall or remove ExpressFind from windows then the Service Mgr ExpressFind is stopped. Now the update Mgr ExpressFind comes in action and it will again activate the ExpressFind in your computer. So to parmanetly disable this malware we have to disable both these services.





Step 4


Right-click on Service Mgr ExpressFind and stop the service.





Step 5



Now right-click on update Mgr ExpressFind and click on open services.





Step 6


Now a new window will open. It includes all the windows services that are either in running or in the disabled state. In the list of service find update Mgr ExpressFind service. Here you see that the service is in running state and the startup type is automatic. Startup type ==> Automatic means that if you stop the service then it will automatically get started again.




Step 7


Now right-click on update Mgr ExpressFind and click on properties.


expressfind malware


Step 8


Now in properties section you have to only change the startup type. Change the startup type to Disabled. Now click on apply to permanently disabled the update Mgr ExpressFind service. As you see in the pic the service status shows that the service is stopped now and will not activate automatically in future.





Step 9


Now again check the status of update Mgr ExpressFind and Service Mgr ExpressFind service in task manager. It’s clear from the screenshot that both the services are stopped.




Final thoughts

This malware removal guide will remove Expressfind ads completely from your system. Now in future take care of few things like – don’t install unknown software, don’t download unknown email attachment, scan usb with antivirus before using it & don’t visit malware infected sites. Hope the tutorial will helps you in removing expressfind ads from your computer. Do follow us and share this article on Facebook and other networking sites. If you have any query then feel free to mail us.


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