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Hi friends i am back with a useful article on how to track a stolen laptop.The importance of laptops are increasing day by day. The real fact that makes it important is the handling. It’s easy to handle and manage a laptop. One can carry it to anywhere without any hassle.This fact makes it responsible to theft. During a long journey if your laptop got stolen then how you will get it back?

Is there any way to find or track a stolen laptop?

Yes, its possible to track a stolen laptop.We have already wrote a article on how to remotely wipe data of your stolen laptop. Wiping data is not the way to track a stolen laptop. We need a special software to implement it. So today we are going to share how to track a lost or stolen laptop.


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How to access a stolen laptop?


To know how to get back a stolen laptop just follow our step by step guide.


Step 1

There is a website which helps you to track a stolen laptop. So go to prey
website from your web browser.


Step 2

Now you need to create a account on prey website.Just fill the details and click
on signup.

stolen laptop


Step 3

Now simply login with your account details (email address & password)

stolen laptop


Step 4

Now after sign in you need to add your device to prey website. Now choose your
operating system from the list. Remember you can track a laptop with almost every
operating system including  ios, Android, Mac OS X, Windows & Linux. In my case i
select Windows operating system.

stolen laptop



Step 5

Now a app will get downloaded. Install it and open it. Now simply select existing
user and click on Next.



Step 6

Now Sign in with your email and password.



Step 7

Now a pop will appear saying that -“ your computer is now protected by Prey.”
Simply click ok.

stolen laptop


Step 8

Now simply go to prey website and login to your account. Now click on my
devices. Now you will find your device here. Now if your laptop got stolen or lost
then simply click on SET DEVICE TO MISSING. Now you will successfully get the
location on your lost loptop.

stolen lappy


You can also do many other action like Lock device, send message to your stolen
device and turn on sound alarm from prey website.




Hope this article helps in finding your stolen or lost laptop. Do follow us for
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