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Hi readers today i am going to show how to remotely delete all the data from stolen laptop. This is a step by step guide to remotely destroy all the data from the laptop.

Imagine you have 500 gigs of important personal data stored in your laptop. Now for God sake your laptop got lost or stolen?

In this condition, what will you do ?

Remember data is more important than a device. If your confidential data got leaked, it may make your life worse.

The only sollution for this problem is a way by one can remotely delete data from his stolen laptop.Today we are here to show you the exact way to wipe a stolen laptop remotely with a single click.

So let’s start and get the way….

Step by step guide to clear all personal data from stolen Laptop.


Step 1


The first thing you have to do is to visit the TheLaptopLock  website.


Step 2

Now simply signup and create a new account (You have to insert only email address and a password)





Step 3

Now simply input your laptop name and click on add computer.




Now a pop up will appear which confirms that your computer has been added to the database of the website.





Simply click on close button and you will see that your computer with a unique computer ID has been added to the database.




Step 4

Now download the Laptop lock software for your pc from here.


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Step 5

Now install and open the LaptockLock software. Fill your email address, computer
ID & password as shown below and save it.




Step 6

In LaptopLock software there are some options like files, security as shown below.




Step 7

Go to security option and click on Manage Security Plans.




Now we will do two things ==>

1. Add folders & files that we want to remotely delete.

2. Add folders & files that we want to encrypt.

Let’s first add some folders, simply click on Add Folder, select your desired
folder and click ok. You can add multiple folders at a time.  I have added two folders as shown below.



Now second thing, to add folders for encryption simply click on add folder, select folder and click ok. After adding multiple folders hit save to save your settings.




Step 8

Now if your laptop got lost or stolen then simply open the laptoplock website and
login to your account. Simply click on Report Computer Missing as shown in the




Now As soon as your stolen laptop connect to the internet all the selected data
got deleted & encrypted remotely.



So friends in above guide we get a successful way to remotely delete stolen laptop data. As you see with a single click your all important files and information wiped out with protecting your privacy from being leaked by illegal hands.

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