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Today we are going to share the best data recovery softwares 2015.

With revolution in storage capacity now we are able to
store a massive amount of data in a small harddisk. The
role of harddisk in a computer is to store the data whether
it is audio/video files or millions of software’s . If a
harddisk get corrupted or crashed ,there is chance of data
loss in it. Situation becomes terrible if our personal data
get deleted accidently or due to a unwanted virus program.

Now what you do in this condition?

I know you will search for data recovery tools on the
internet. But it’s not easy to find a working data recovery
software that can completely recover your data. Many of
data recovery tools just waste your precious time by thier
stupid algorithms which only recover garbage data.There may
be a chance you choose a vulneralbe software which may harm
your computer.

Top free data recovery tools 2015

we have done a long research on data recovery tools. To
test the working of tools we use them on external harddisk
and test their output. We have tested 25 data recovery
software’s. Let’s have a eye on them.

1 recuva
2 free undelete
3 ADRC Data Recovery Software Tools
4 Active File Recovery
5 Active partition Recovery
6. active undelete
7.Ntfs data recovery toolkit
9.Active boot disk lite
10. testdisk
11 photorec
12 Restoration
13 undelete plus
14. undelete 360
15. Minitool Partition Recovery
16. Wise data recovory
17. Glary undelete
18. Puran file recovery
19 .disk drill
20 softperfect file recovery
21.EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
22 Pandora recovery
23 Pc inspecter file recovery
24.puran data file recovery
25.disk drill

After testing all these software’s we had find some really
best data recovery softwares 2015 with 90 to 98 % recovery
rate. Rest of software resides between 40- 80 % recovery
rate. We have choosen only data recovery software among 25
which are best according to our analyses,

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Top 5 free data recovery software 2015

All these software’s are totally free of cost. You have to
just download and install them. Let’s get started.

1. Recuva

Recuva is a Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery
software which is totally free of cost. According to our
analyses it is the best free recovery software of 2015. It
works surprisingly so gud and gives a recovery rate of more
than 95%.It Restores all types of files, office documents,
images, video, music, email,software’s and almost
everything. Recuva is a superier file recovery software
which supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 ,
NTFS + EFS file systems.

It comes with two version ==>

free recuva (95% recovery rate)

paid recuva with advance file recovery (100% recovery rate)

Download Recuva

click here to download free version
Click here to buy paid version.


It is the 2nd most popular free data recovery software of
2015. Photorec effectively recover lost files including
video, documents,software’s from hard disk drives, CD-
ROMs,digital camera and much more. It supports FAT, NTFS,
exFAT, ext2/ext3/ext4 ,HFS+ file systems.

PhotoRec has been successfully tested with various portable media players
including iPod and the following Digital Cameras:
Casio Exilim EX-Z 750
Canon EOS 60D, 300D, 10D
Nikon CoolPix 775, 950, 5700
Olympus C350N, C860L, Mju 400 Digital, Stylus 300
HP PhotoSmart 620, 850, 935
Sony Alpha DSLR, DSC-P9, NEX-6
Pentax K20D

Download Photorec

Click here to download Photorec

3. Testdisk

Testdisk is a another useful free data recovery tool 2015.
Testdisk will also recover lost files including video,
documents,software’s from hard disk drives, CD-ROMs.
Testdisk is a free open source software. IT is commonly
designed to recover lost partitions. It have ability to
rebuild FAT12/FAT16/FAT32, ntfs boot sector.

Download Testdisk

The latest stable version of Testdisk is 7.0.
Click here to download Testdisk


4. Restoration

Restoration is a free file recovery software devolped by
Brian kato. It is a powerful and user friendly data
recovery tool. It can recover almost all files including
images,audio/video files , software’s, archives, and much
more. It is compatable with both fat and ntfs file system.

Download Restoration

To downlaod Restoration click here.

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5.Puran file recovery

It is devolped by Puran Software. It’s a handy software to
recover accidently deleted files. It supports FAT12/16/32
and NTFS file systems. Puran file recovery includes a very
simple and nice user interface. It have ability to recover
files with high speed. It also perform deep scans that can
recover byte by byte data.

Download puran file recovery

Click here to download puran file recovery software.

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