Hi friends, today we learn how to compress 1GB file up to 10MB. I am going to show the best compression software-kgb archiver. It sounds bit odd but its possible. We can easily compress big files into smaller ones with 90% compression rate.

What is file compression?


File compression is a way of reducing the size of a big file without corrupting the file. You have heard of many compression software’s such as Winrar, WinZip, 7Zip, UHARC etc. But with these software outputs and efficiency is a bit low. After examining lot of file compression software’s on the internet we find such efficient tool of file compression. It is none other than KGB Archiver.It is the best compression software which gives a surprising efficiency rate of 90%.


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KGB Archiver


KGB Archiver compresses a file with unbelievable high compression rate. KGB Archiver uses AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt archives. It surpasses many efficient tools available on the internet with its abilities and efficiency.



Noteworthy points about KGB Archiver ==>


>easy to install and small in size
>No need of cracks or keygens because its free of cost.
>One click installation.
>high read/write speed.
>Compress a file with maximum compression rate of 90%
>Use an encryption algorithm to protect compressed files.
>No overhead of activation
>Contains many extensions to compress a file
>You can manually choose how much compression rate you want.


Step by Step guide ==>


>Download KGB archiver from here and open it and click next.




>Accept the licence agreement.




>Select destination location and click next.




>Select start menu folder and click next.




>Click install to install KGB Archiver.




>Now simply launch KGB Archiver.




>Now choose what you like to do as shown below.




>Now choose the option as shown below and click next.




>Now wait for few minutes and your file will have been compressed successfully.




Final thoughts


So, friends, that’s how it’s very easy to compress or decompress a file using KGB Archiver. Hope you like this article. Do follow us for more cool tricks and share this article on Facebook and twitter.


How much compression rate are you getting from KGB Archiver?


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