This article deals with the solution of the most common problem – low file transfer speed in Pendrive. We are going to increase USB speed.

The main aim of the invention of computers is to cut human workload. One can work efficiently if the huge amount of workload doesn’t distract him. Computers are the boon to the human life because they reduce human efforts. computers are mainly used for the purpose of data storage, file transfer, entertainment, business work etc. We can easily access and transfer data through computers. There are many ways to do data transfer. CD, DVD’s, Hard-disks, USB Pendrives are the common example of it.



File transfer speed issue ?

File transfer speed is a major issue these days.USB Pendrives are the common medium for data transfer. Many of us encounters USB speed issue in computers. There are many reasons which are responsible for slow USB speed for file transfer.  Some of them are listed below-

— Low class of  usb Pendrive, for e.g. class 4 

–Use of unknown manufacturer USB drive.


Today our article is dedicated to those who are not satisfied with their data transfer speed. Today i am going to share, how to double the file transfer speed in USB. The method we are going to tell you is 100 % working and tested by us.


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Increase Pen-drive data transfer speed


Many guys felt irritated when a USB-drive transfers data with quite slow speed. Follow simple steps to increase file transfer rate speed of your PD.


Note :-> Before using this trick format your USB pen-drive in NTFS format.





Step 1


Plugin your USB into your computer.


Step 2


Now go to my computer. Here you find your pen-drive, simple right-click on your USB and select properties.




Step 3


Now click on hardware tab. Here you find list of drives. Simply select your PD and click on properties.




Step 4


Now a new window will open, simply click on change settings as shown below.




Step 5


Now click on policies tab and select the better performance option & click ok.





Now check your USB speed. you will found that there is a good increase in the file transfer speed.


Final thoughts

So as you see by implementing this short speed enhancing trick, we can increase USB file transfer speed. Hope you like this article. Do follow us for more exciting articles and don’t forget to share it on Facebook.

If you any doubts or query regarding the trick, feel free to lend your comment. We are here to solve your queries.