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finger server in linux

hi readers today we learn how to configure finger server in Linux.Finger server is a user information protocol which provides all information related to users in Linux.It is a network protocol which is used for the exchange of user information and status.If you are client and you want to get information of other users in the network then finger protocol helps you to get all info about them.

>The finger program was written in 1971 by Les Earnest who created the program to solve the need of users who wanted information of other users of the network.This was probably the earliest form of presence information for remote users.

>The finger daemon runs on TCP port 79

>In Linux finger command provide information like login name ,mail related info, login time etc.

>Finger server commonly response finger requests given by the clients in a network.

>Finger server is controlled by xinetd daemon, so we can implement various type of securities to it.

>Today in this tutorial we take a server system and a client system to implement finger server.

Finger Server configuration on Rhel5/Rhel6/Rhel7, centOS5/6/7 and Fedora

To configure finger server just follow below steps ==>

Step 1

First of all install the required packages for finger server using yum package management tool.

if you don’t know how to install packages using YUM then first read this ==> how to install packages with YUM.

#yum install finger*

finger server in linux

#yum install xinetd*


Step 2

Now go to configuration file of finger information protocol.

#vim /etc/xinetd.d/finger


you have to modify only one option
set disable = yes to disable = no


>Now save the file.

Step 3

Now simply start the service for finger information protocol

#service xinetd restart
#chkconfig xinetd on


Step 5

Now lets check user status information,means how many users or clients are there on server.



Step 6

>As you see there are many users  login on server. Lets check information of client sam  by finger information protocol.

#finger user@ip-address of server

#finger sam@


So as you see you will get all information related to user Sam.

Step 7

Now lets check information of root.

#finger root@


>So today we learned configuration of finger server and how to implement finger command in Linux.

>In the 2nd part of finger server tutorial we will secure finger server by implementing various type of securities to it. Stay updated and follow our blog for more informative articles.

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