Hi friends, I am back with a simple yet amazing trick. Today we learn how to get access to everything in windows by activating Windows Godmode.


Don’t have an idea what really Godmode is ??


It’s actually a hidden special folder in windows which need manual activation. Windows Godmode activated folder have the power to do everything that’s why I call it special folder. It is supported in almost every version of windows but the Windows 7 Godmode & Windows 8.1 Godmode are more popular among users.

So how it’s possible to get access to every program of Windows within a single folder?

Yes, it’s possible with Godmode to access every program of Windows without even going to control panel or search bar to search for a special program. 


 ||Windows Godmode ||


GodMode is a short-cut to reach various control settings in Windows operating systems. The Windows Master Control Panel shortcut, labeled with All Tasks is called as Windows GodMode. So today we are going to enable GodMode in windows.


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how to activate windows Godmode


Activation of windows godmode in a folder is very easy. It got activated within seconds. So just follow simple steps ==>


Step 1


First of all, go to your windows desktop.


Step 2


Right-click anywhere on desktop and click on new and then select folder.


godmode in windows

Step 3


So now you have created a new folder, now just rename the folder with below code







Step 4


So that’s how windows Godmode will get activated. Now access everything from this folder.


godmode in win



We have successfully activated GodMode on a Windows folder. Double click on this folder to get access to everything .




Final thoughts


So friends  today we have learned about windows Godmode. Hope you like this article. Show this trick to your friends and share this article on Facebook and twitter.
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In which version you are using Windows godmode?

Windows 7 Godmode or Windows 8.1 Godmode 

Lend your answers in the comment box.


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