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harddisk format with notepad killer tricks Hi friends i am back with a cool and dangerous notepad trick.today we learn how to format or erase hard-disk with the help of notepad.we are going to create a .exe script using notepad.With double click this script got activated and it will erase entire hard-disk of victim PC.Beware don’t use it on your own PC.

Steps to create script to format harddisk using notepad

Step 1.
open notepad in your windows pc.
Step 2

now copy below code and paste it in your notepad


Step 3

save the file as .exe extension. for e.g. format.exe

Step 4

now if you run this format.exe file , it will format your entire hard-disk “–so don’t run it on your PC–“ >>so friends that’s how we can easily format hard-disk with the help of notepad within seconds.Remember do not use this article for unethical purpose.

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