Hi friends i am back with a informative article that will help you to understand your windows operating system .With this article you will get knowledge of some important windows run commands that will  help you dealing with many important services and apps by direct using short windows run commands . It will definitely saves your precious time.This article is the part of windows run commands 2015 series. So lets get started

Most commonly used windows run commands

so today i am going to share 10 windows run commands that will help you dealing with many services related to windows .


To use windows run commands use shortcut (windows+R)


with this run command you can easily get information related to your system. It will show all hardware resources and software environment.

important windows run commands


this run command will give information related to windows services . Here you can easily start stop and configure a service.

windows run commands


this command will open  Windows Disk Cleanup utility program by using it you can easily clean a selected disk drive

to open control panel directly this run command comes handy.by using it you will directly navigated to control panel.


this run command will show how your pc resources are being utilized. here you get detailed information related to your disk cpu and memory consumption.

run commands


if you want to change your screen resolution directly then this run command helps you alot


snippingtool is a very useful tool with basic image editor if you want to take quick snapshots


if you want to go to mouse properties directly then  this run command is very useful. just use main.cpl and directly go to mouse settings


this run command will open windows event viewer application where windows stores all troubleshooting and monitoring messages

run tricks


If you want to schedule your windows backup or want to restore your previous backup then this run command comes handy in action.



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