Hi friends, I am back with a cool notepad trick. Today we are going to learn how to make a simple dairy or a daily log-book with the help of notepad.This article is the part of our cool notepad tricks 2015 series. It’s very easy to create dairy with notepad. Just follow simple step by step guide to make your own personal dairy within two minutes.

…Personal Dairy using notepad..>


..How it works..


Whenever you open this personal dairy date and time is manually inserted in it. So it makes easy for you to write important notes at any time without worrying about time and date.

Step by Step Guide–>


Step 1

open notepad in your windows pc

Step 2

now simply type .LOG and hit enter


you must type .LOG in capital letters.

Step 3

Now simply save the file with any name . for e.g. dairy

Step 4

now open this file to test whether it is working as a personal dairy or not.
when you open this file it will show current time and date. now simply write down your note and again save it

>>So that’s it, your personal dairy is ready within minutes. Hope you like the short and informative cool notepad trick. Share this article on social networking sites like facebook, twitter for more cool and exciting notepad tricks 2015.

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