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hi friends, today  i am going to share how to convert black & white to colored photos.we can do this task in just 5 or less minutes. With this article you can colorize your old memories.

Convert old black & white photos to colored


Do you have any photo album especially before 80s (the time when your parents are young) which contains a bunch of black and white photos?
As we all know at that time colored photography is not available so people at that time only clicked black & white photos.So the question arise here is:

Is there any way to convert those old black & white photos to colored one?
The answer is yes, its possible to give color to your old sweet memories.We just need a simple windows software to convert old black & white photos to colored photos.


Fill colors to your sweet past memores with Recolored?


Recolored is a windows software especiallly designed to convert old black & white photos to colored. Recolored is easy to use and you can easily convert your photos within few minutes




Without recolored its not easy to colorize black and white photos because its a time consuming task and takes hours to do . Recolored makes it possible to do this complex task within a short amount of time.


What recolored do?

Colorization of black & white photos
Replacing colors in color photos
Selective desaturation

Features of Recolored


  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface
  • Supports working with multiple images at a time
  • Seven graphical editing tools
  • Selectable HSL and RGB color palettes
  • Color presets for selecting natural looking colors
  • Unlimited undo / redo levels
  • File formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, RCL (proprietary file format)
  • Images can be printed (adjustable scaling) read more at recolored

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More about Recolored

Recolored is a highly customizable photo editor software .It’s not hard to use, its very simple and one can use it without any complexity.You can do it with few key strokes. You can add cools effects,colors, shades and effects to your photos


A video tutorial on how to use Recolored


Since it’s very easy to use recolored software but i am going to share a simple  video tutorial  so you can easily understand how to use Recolored software. The video credit goes to Tabashira.



Download Recolored


please give it a try. It’s a great software which will fill sweet colors to your old memories.


Click here to download Recolored

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So use this cool photo editing software to convert black & white photos to colored one and bring a smile on your parents’ face by showing it to them. Hope you like this article. Use this software and give us a feedback by commenting below so that we can post more informative and creative articles. Don’t forget to rate the article and follow us to get latest updates directly to your mailbox.