windows is a beautiful, customized operating system which has nice graphical user interface.Its gui makes it unique.we can easily customize windows with additonal 3rd party software’s .Today i am going to share how to change color of folders in we are going to customize our windows folder in differnt colors.

Change folder color with folder colorizer

Folder Colorizer is a sweet, simple app that lets you choose any color for your folders. its interface is very simple within seconds it got installed and ready to colorize your folders. so just follow simple guide.


Step 1

first of all click here to download windows folder colorizer

Step 2

simple double click on .exe file to install windows folder colorizer

Step 3

Now to color a folder right click on that folder and select colorize and choose your favorite color as shown below

window folder color

Step 4

so its simple to use folder colorizer. assign different colors to your folder and make your windows beautiful


So that’s how it’s very simple to customize your folders in different colors. hope you like it. follow us and share it on Facebook for more exciting tricks