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IDM is the most used internet downloader manager till now. The reason behind its popularity is its downloading speed. downloading speed of idm is very high because when we download a file in it then idm breaks the whole files into small pieces and uses all cores of your processer to enhance downloading speed.

double downloading speed

So if your processer is quadcore then it uses all 4 cores to download the file and makes the downloading speed faster in compare to other download managers avilable on the internet. So today i am going to share how to double downloading speed in idm.

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how to increase downloading speed of internet download manager (IDM)

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Optimize downloading speed with idm optimizer

idm optimizer is a free software which upgrades the downloading speed of idm .you can download any data from internet 2 time quicker with idm optimizer. It’s very simple to download and configure it. within seconds idm optimizer got configured and starts working.You can save your precious time with idm optimizer.

Steps to follow

Step 1

first of all download idm optimizer from here

Step 2

Now close idm before installing idm optimizer.

Step 3

Now just double click the idm optimizer application to install it. Now click on maximize now button.
it will ask permission to run, just allow it.


Step 4

Now restart idm in your pc and start downloding any file. now you will see that your downloading speed
is just doubled. i have tested idm optimizer and experiences a good increase in speed. See below before after speed analyses.

Before idm optimizer

double downloading  speed


After idm optimizer


>> So its very easy to optimize downloading speed of idm with idm optimizer.Hope you like it, stay updated and follow us for more updates.