hi readers, today i am back with a killer WhatsApp trick. Today i am going to share how to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in one phone. Whatsapp is the most popular chat messaging application. it has millions of users and day by day the count is increasing. In official WhatsApp app there is no support for multiple accounts in one device, so you are limited to one account per mobile device.

So is there any way to use 2 different whatsapp account in one phone?
Do you want to use two different mobile number in one whatsapp account?

Yes friends there is a sollution for every problem . we can easily use multiple whatsapp accounts in one device. just follow this trick.


OGWhatsApp- use dual whatsapp account

it’s possible to use dual whatsapp account in one phone using a amazing app OGWhatsApp.


What is OGWhatsapp??

it is a modified version of official whatsapp. Once you install OGWhatsApp on your device, the app allows you to use two different telephone numbers with WhatsApp from the same smartphone.It supports almost all platforms including android,windows,mac,iphone and ubuntu


Note:- The main advantage for android users is that it does not require rooting.


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How to use OGWhatsApp in android??

I am going to explain step by step procedure of ogwhatsapp configuration in android. its same in other platforms.


Step 1

The first thing you have to do is to take backup of your official whatsapp account. we are taking backup so that if by chance the installation got failed then we can take recovery with this backup.So just go to chat setting and take backup of your conversations.


Step 2

Now go to android setting and navigate to apps/whatsapp and click on clear data or simply reinstall the current whatsapp so that all user information that is saved in current whatsapp get lost.

Step 3

Now open your sdcard and look for WhatsApp folder, now just rename the WhatsApp folder to OGWhatsApp.


Step 4

Now uninstall your current official whatsapp.


Step 5

Now click here to download OGWhatsApp.


Step 6

Now open OGWhatsApp, it will ask to verify your mobile number. Now here the most important step comes. Here you have to insert your old mobile number that you are using in official whatsapp account.So now your OGWhatsApp is ready to use.


Step 7

Now go to playstore and download the official whatsapp . after that open it and insert your second mobile number that you want to use as second whatsapp account.


Final thoughts

So now you are using 2 whatsapp account on single mobile device. Hope you like it. If you have any problem in installation or configuration then feel free to tell us, we are happy to help you. Don’t forget to rate the article and follow us for more exciting tricks.