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hi friends today we learn how to change our computer browser into android or ios browser.Sometimes we have limited internet connection and at that time if we use internet in pc then our limited data comsumes fast.The reason behind it is simple that webpage in pc consumes more bytes of data in comparison to mobile.

mobile view of any website in pc

So how to use mobile view in PC to reduce data consumption and one more thing if you are a website designer and you want to test all version of your website like android version, ios and much more, then what you will do to test these all versions? Its not possibe for a common man to afford all these devices at a time. don’t worry i am going to solve your problem. just follow my trick.

Android or ios view of a website in chrome

SO i am using google chrome for this trick.we will use a chrome extension to implement this trick. If you do not have google chrome then download it from here

Steps to follow

Step 1

first of all we will download a google chrome extension named  user agent switcher,to download it click here

Step 2

now simply click on add to chrome, within seconds the extension got installed

chrome tricks

Step 3

After installation , in upper right corner of google chrome you will see a icon user agent switcher icon of user agent switcher.

chrome triucks

Step 4

Now its time to test the extension, open any website ,for e.g. youtube.com and click on user agent switcher icon , so now you will get list of supported platforms, to check ios version of youtube click on ios and so on to check android view click on android, so now your PC browser works as a android browser or ios browser and it also saves data consumption.

tricks pc

>>SO that’s how it is very easy to view any version of a website with a single extension and also we can turn our pc browser into android or ios browser.hope you like it ,stay connected and follow us for more updates.