Hi friends, today we learn how to turn laptop into wifi hotspot in seconds without using any software or without doing a complex configuration.

So why a person needs wifi hotspot?

Basically wifi hotspot comes in action when you are using your personal wifi  or campus wifi and you want to share your internet with your friends.

Without hotspot its not possible for other users to use your internet. So wifi hotspot is a medium which provides internet connectivity to all users who are connected through wifi hotspot. So today I am going to share a guide to turn laptop into wifi hotspot.

What you need to turn laptop into wifi hotspot?

To turn laptop into wifi hotspot we need two things.




So you have to create a SSID name and a security key or password for authentication. Let’s know what is SSID name in wifi hotspot for laptop:


What is SSID name in wifi hotspot??

SSID is a case sensitive, 32 alphanumeric character unique identifier attached to the header of packets sent over a wireless local-area network (WLAN) that acts as a password when a mobile device tries to connect to the basic service set (BSS) — a component of the IEEE 802.11 WLAN architecture —webopedia

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Turn laptop into wifi hotspot using notepad

Do you know you can easily create a wifi hotspot for laptop with the help of notepad!

So we are going to use notepad for creating a wifi hotspot for laptop. First of all we will create a script to start the wifi hotspot for laptop and then we create a script to stop the wifi hotspot for laptop. Just follow simple step by step guide.


How to start a wifi hotspot for laptop ?


Step 1

first of all open notepad in your computer.


Step 2

now copy below code into notepad

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=kingWiFi key=56789 netsh wlan start hostednetwork

here–> SSID –>( kingWifi )name of your wifi hotspot, so replace it with your desired name key —> (56789) key is your password for wifi hotspot, user have to insert password before connecting to your wifi hotspot.


Step 3

now save this file as startwifi.bat > so now your wifi hotspot for laptop is created, just right click on startwifi.bat file and select run as administrator to start the wifi hotspot for laptop.


How to stop a wifi hotspot for laptop 


Step 1

first of all open notepad in your computer


Step 2

now copy below code into notepad

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork


Step 3

now save this file as stopwifi.bat > so just double click stopwifi.bat file to stop down your wifi hotspot for laptop.



So friends it’s very easy to turn laptop into wifi hotspot without using any software. Hope you like it, don’t forgot to rate & share the article and follow us for more exciting tricks.

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