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listen text on webpage

hi friends, are you tired of reading lengthy articles on websites? do you want to Listen the article?
if yes, then this article is for you. today i am going to share how to listen text on a webpage. With this trick you could be able to listen to your desired text.


SpeakIt reads selected text using Text-to-Speech technology with language auto-detection. It can read text in more than 50 languages. so now just select text you want to read and speakit will speak that text for you. speakit is a Google chrome extension.

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steps to listen to a webpage

Step 1

first of all you need Google chrome browser,now open Google chrome browser

Step 2

click here to go to speakit extension download page

Step 3

now click on Add to Chrome to install speakit and now a prompt window is open, just click on add



Step 4

now you will get a speaker icon on top right side of google chrome as shown below


Step 5

now open any website to check speakit and select any text on that webpage and click on speaker icon.
> so now speakit starts reading that text for you, you can also change the setting of speakit doing right click on speaker icon and click on settings.


>so that’s how friends we can easily listen text on any webpage with this trick. hope you like it. stay tuned and follow us for more exciting tricks.