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play video in browser
Hi friends i am back with a cool media trick. By using it we can easily play hd video or audio file without using any media player.So why u need this trick?

You need this trick, suppose you have freshly installed windows or any other operating system on your PC. Now if do not have any software to play hd video files like mkv video files Or suppose your media player is crashed and now you have no other media player to play hd video or audio player.At this time this cool trick comes handy.So i will discuss how to do this trick with simple step by step guide.

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Play hd audio /video file in browser

Yes friends it’s possible to play hd video or audio files in your web browser. This trick is supported in almost all web browsers.You can play any hd video smoothly on your web browser without any lag.

Step 1

First of all open the folder which contains HD video files.

Step 2

now open your web browser ,here we are doing this trick on Google chrome browser.

Step 3

no go to your video file and drag (hold the file and pin it to google chrome)  video file into the Google chrome as shown in figure

chrome tricks



Step 4

now you see that the video file get started playing smoothly, That’s all.

video in chrome

>So that’s how you can easily play any video file in your web browser in absence of media or video player. hope you like it, don’t forget to rate the article and follow us for latest updates.

Note:- every trick is important whether it is small or big. we are providing 100% working tricks,so that’s how you are learning a working trick everyday.So enhance your creativity with our tricks and learn and implement these tricks in your creative life. If you have any suggestion or request related to tricks and tutorials then comment in the comment section, we are happy to help you.