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google chrome game
Hi friends i am back with a Google chrome trick.There are many tricks related to Google chrome on the internet.Today i am going to share a funny Google chrome gaming trick. Many of us doesn’t know that there is hidden game in Google chrome .There is no option to play this game because it is a secret game which is played only under certain circumstances.

Explore secret game of google chrome?

Manytimes when our internet is disconnected in chrome there often a error occurs saying “This webpage is not available” or “you are offline“. Now here the secret trick comes in action. If you notice a┬áT-rex icon is seen at the time of error. It’s not a simple icon. There is a secret game with it. So to activate this secret game just follow simple steps–>

Step 1

First of all open Google chrome browser on your PC.

Step 2

Now disconnect your internet connection or turn on airplane mode if you are using windows 8.

Step 3

Now try to open any site so that you will get error “webpage is not available” with T-rex icon.

chrome tricks

Step 4

Now to activate the game press space-bar from your keyboard, within seconds the T-rex icon starts and running and a hidden game will start, now keep pressing space-bar to play game.

chrome game

>so that’s how we can play T-rex game in google chrome browser, give it a try and enjoy the game.Hope you like this trick. follow us to get latest tricks direct to your mail box.