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funny youtube trick
hi friends i am back with a funny YouTube trick. YouTube is the number online video streaming site. here you can watch videos,movies,TV shows and many educational courses. you can also share YouTube videos on social networking sites.There are many YouTube tricks and tips revolving all over internet.
Today i am going to share a funny trick probably most of us don’t know.

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YouTube funny Harlem shake

So first of all i will tell you what is Harlem shake. The Harlem Shake is an Internet meme in the form of a video in which a group of people perform a comedy sketch accompanied by a short excerpt from the song “Harlem Shake”. As a meme, the video was replicated by many people, using the same concept, and this led to it becoming viral in early February 2013, with thousands of “Harlem Shake” videos being made and uploaded to YouTube every day at the height of its popularity.wiki
So with this trick entire page on YouTube will shake violently with the song “Harlem Shake“.
>first of all go to YouTube official website
> now in search box type below words and press enter–>

do the Harlem shake

> now you will see entire page will dance with the Harlem shake song.
> hope you like this funny YouTube trick.
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